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John Conner Jr.


John Conner Jr. is a visionary entrepreneur and created a diverse business empire that spans key industries, including agriculture, petroleum, construction, HVAC and electrical services, and more. His wealth of knowledge and experience has been forged through first-hand experience and a profound family legacy.

Rooted in agriculture, John began his journey learning the ropes from his dad and, notably, his grandfather. Their wisdom, passed down through generations, has shaped his deep understanding of farming, agriculture, and business. This heritage laid the foundation for his ventures into various industries, as well as the continuously expanding his landholdings to position his family as one of the largest private family landowners in the country today.

John’s experience at the University of Arkansas and his abundance of real-world experiences have proven invaluable in building a successful organization. With his guidance and partner, Marshall Stewart’s leadership, the businesses within his umbrella have thrived, each contributing to the success and diversity of the entire enterprise. From the fields of agriculture to the complexities of petroleum, construction, and HVAC & electrical services, John has successfully navigated diverse sectors, showcasing his adaptability and sustainability in the communities they serve.

Beyond the boardroom, John is actively engaged in community service, having served on numerous boards and supporting various community groups. His business acumen is complemented by his unwavering belief in the strength of his team. John values all of the team members as the driving force behind the success of the companies he holds. He recognizes that the individuals within his companies are the backbone, contributing their unique talents and skills to collectively achieve greatness.

With a diverse portfolio and a legacy rooted in agriculture, John continues to shape industries, contributing to economic growth and community development, and inspiring future generations to build on the foundation laid by his generation.

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