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Shared Services


Management: Solutions Provided to Businesses We Serve

At DMG, we’re not just a management company; we’re your partner in sustainable growth. Through expert oversight and shared business services, we streamline operations and enhance customer experiences. Our team’s expertise ensures tailored solutions that prioritize customer satisfaction, positive culture, and growth. Dive into a collaborative partnership with us and focus on your core mission: expanding your business. 


Shared Services to Elevate Your Business Operation

As a member of the DMG family of businesses, you have access to the shared business services available to all businesses within the DMG portfolio. Backed by industry expertise, these professional services are designed to drive efficiency, foster growth, and position your enterprise for sustained success.

Risk Management

Consult our experts for comprehensive risk assessment in acquisitions and mergers, covering internal, external, and interdependent factors.

Information Technology

Shared IT services offer expert support in network, system, and cybersecurity management, ensuring enhanced security, reliability, and cost efficiency.


Access our shared marketing services for expert insights, from research to campaigns, optimizing strategy, and targeting the right audience.


Shared management services streamline operations, provide expert insights, and enhance focus on core business tasks.

New Business Absorption Aid

DMG streamlines business integrations, enhancing growth, shareholder value, and ensuring operational continuity and talent retention.


Utilize expert accounting services for cost-effective, accurate bookkeeping and compliance, freeing you to focus on core business strategies.

Acquisition Analysis

DMG offers financial and strategic evaluations for potential mergers or acquisitions, analyzing market fit and associated risks.

Human Resources

Shared HR services provide expert recruiting, onboarding, and compliance support, streamlining processes and saving costs while you focus on core business tasks.


The Power of Shared Services:

Expertise, Productivity, & Savings

Dive into the tangible benefits that redefine efficiency, cut costs, and position your business at the forefront of expertise. 

Specialized Expertise

You will have access to experts within their respective fields allowing you to gain access to a high level of expertise without having to invest in training or hiring additional employees.

Increased Productivity

Utilizing shared services allows you to focus on core competencies of your business instead of getting caught up in administrative or support tasks.

Cost Reduction

Shared business services allow you to share costs while pooling resources. This cost-effective solution enables companies to efficiently use resources.

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